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         Palumbo & DeLaura, LLC was founded in 1998 by Ronald Palumbo and Scott DeLaura.  The firm is located at 528 Chapel Street, New Haven, Connecticut.  Ronald Palumbo  and Scott DeLaura have each practiced law over 30 years in Connecticut.  They formed the firm to provide competent, experienced and comprehensive legal services at competitive rates. 


       Since the firm's inception, the primary focus has been representing Banks in New England for  transactional and loan recovery matters including restructures, forbearances, foreclosures, secured party sales, loan sales, liquidations, replevins, bankruptcies and collections as well as defense work.  


      Palumbo & DeLaura, LLC has a wealth of experience in commercial and residential foreclosures including shopping centers, subdivisions, office buildings, marinas, and recreational parks as well as partially completed construction projects.  In addition, the firm represents commercial entities in collection matters, construction bond claims, contract claims as well as defense work. 


      The firm has represented a multitude of Banks in New England and is expert in negotiating, documenting and closing transactions ranging from smaller SBA guaranteed start up loans to multi million dollar transactions.  We diligently ensure that every commitment results in comprehensive and secure collateralization and a maximization of creditor's rights.  Our clients are confident that their loans are correctly documented and that, in the event of default, there is swift recourse available.


       Additionally, the firm has vast experience in Municipal tax collections for the cities of New Haven, West Haven, North Haven and Hamden.  Our attorneys have appeared in the Superior and Appellate Courts of Connecticut, the Superior Court of Rhode Island, Federal Courts including  Bankruptcy Court and Federal District Court of Connecticut.


       In addition to the corporate and municipal work, we represent many individuals in general practice areas such as personal injury, boundary disputes, tax appeals, torts, contract claims and family issues as well as innumerable commercial and residential sales and purchases of real estate. We provide the same attention, commitment and care regardless of the size of the client or the complexity of the matter.

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